Taylor Lautner stops by Instyle Magazine

Date February 21, 2009

Taylor Lautner at Instyle Magazine

Taylor Lautner at Instyle Magazine

Twilight and New Moon star, Taylor Lautner stopped by the offices at Instyle Magazine recently. You can read the full article here.

Now that it’s been confirmed that he’ll reprise the role of Jacob Black in the film’s sequel, New Moon, Lautner is one busy guy. He told us he’s been hitting the gym to beef up for the role before he heads up to Canada to start shooting the second movie in the Twilight saga.

You hear that, girls? Taylor Lautner has been working on those abs!

The 17 year-old has been hit with such a fan base that he no longer can go to malls, but he can occasionally find a solitary moment for a meal at one of the local restaurants in his neighborhood. He also told us that he learned the hard way NOT to go see his movie opening weekend–he went to Universal City Walk to catch Twilight with the movie-goers and ending up having to be escorted out by the secret service because of the fandemonium. We were able to restrain ourselves, but we did ask him to autograph our copies of the book–which he signed with the words “Team Jacob,” of course.

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2 Responses to “Taylor Lautner stops by Instyle Magazine”

  1. sarah said:


  2. Julia who will never get a chance with taylor lautner said:

    is it true that you lost 4 abs due to a car accident? i think new moon should be called “abs in the rain.” i wish i would have a chance to be your girlfriend, but i probably wont have the chance because im only one in a billion. You are hot though, and a word of advice–i was in modeling a few years ago for a while, and dont do anything you aren’t comfortable with. if you aren’t comfortable with taking your shirt off, then don’t do it. see if you can work around that part.

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